Industrial LED Lighting
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Who Are We

SafeLux Lighting are UK based manufacturer of high quality industrial LED lighting solutions who take a unique approach in creating custom lighting products designed to meet the unique requirements and demands of individual industry sectors with a specific focus on the food manufacturing and processing industry. Using advanced, innovative technology, SafeLux Lighting's feature rich product sets ensure not only optimum performance and improved ROI, but significant reduction of lighting energy bills whilst providing reliable and robust LED lighting that will operate, virtually maintenance free.

Unique LED Lighting Solutions


Specialist product ranges designed with HACCP in mind helping minimise and eliminating risks.


Easy to use connectors design to ensure installation and maintenance is faster, simpler and safer.


Minimise the issue of light glare with our innovative lens design improving working environments.


Intelligence integrated into fittings giving you more control over your lighting and increased savings.


Food Processing

LED lighting solutions designed for specialist application within food manufacturing and processing environments where stringent controls around cleanliness are critical.


Energy efficient LED lighting systems for commercial and industrial factory environments that drive cost savings whilst offering superior performance and light output levels.


Retofit or replace your traditional highbay and lowbay lighting with cost saving LED lighting solutions that will give better lighting levels coupled with a virtually maintenance free lighting system.

Distribution Centres

Reduce maintenance and operating costs with a range of lighting options that operate for up to 50,000 hours making them virtually maintenance free whilst cutting energy consumption by up to 70%

Cold Stores

Simplify cold store temperature control and avoid issues of slow restart with a diverse range of LED lights that emit near zero levels of heat whilst offering instant re-strike capability.

Data Centres

Significantly reduce energy consumption, minimise heat radiation and integrate smart control features for a high performing data centre lighting solution that works to your needs.

Why Choose LED

  • Up To 80% More Energy Efficient Than Traditional Lighting
  • Reduces Energy Bills via Low Energy Consumption
  • Produces Low CO2 Emissions
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Extended Product Lifespan
  • Better Performance via Lower Heat & Noise Output
  • Solid State With No Glass Tubes or Filaments

Why Choose SafeLux Lighting

  • Products Designs Specifically For Application Within Industrial Environments
  • Extensive Knowledge & Experience Of LED Lighting For Industry
  • Integrated Phillips LED, Electronics and Power Driver Technology
  • UK Based Manufacturing Operations
  • Increased Savings via SmartLED Intelligent Lighting Control System
  • Specific LED solutions For Controlled Environments
  • CE Approved Designs That Include Philips Lighting Modules
  • Innovative Anti-glare Technology
  • Easyfit System Simplifies Installation & Maintenance
  • 5 Year Warranty

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